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Bungalow goes Euro: Seattle Sounders FC

by on May.10, 2009, under Seattle, SoDo, Sport


For most Americans, soccer is about one of two things: you’re either a fan or a player. Most soccer players are little spaz-kids jacked up on Capri Sun who roam in packs, chasing a ball and kicking each other in the shins. Most soccer fans in this country are the parents of the aforementioned spaz. You probably drive a mini-van/SUV and alternate with the other parents on who brings the post game snack. But wait… there’s another kind of fan: the PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL, er soccer, fan. You pay money to go to matches, wear your team’s colors, and pretend you live in Europe/South America. These are the kinds of fans, check that, hooligans, that give soccer such a great reputation internationally. Americans have some catching up to do, but someday I believe we can be as obnoxious as our international counterparts.

Enter the Seattle Sounders FC. The Sounders are a football club that gives everyone in Seattle something they have always longed for: a reason to act like they live in a socialist European country. It also welcomes a departure from the AYSO standard of behavior; hello boozing and fighting!
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by on Aug.24, 2008, under Fremont, Nightlife, Party, Seattle

Ryan and Brett. 806 N 49th BBQ. August 23, 2008.
Nikon D300. Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens @ 12mm.
Program Exposure. 1/30 sec. @ f/2.8. ISO 1600.

On Saturday night we had a few friends and coworkers over for a little BBQ. I unsheathed the D300 for several minutes to capture one of the first parties we’ve thrown in the new place. In homage to one of my favorite blogs, Hipster Runoff (careful with this one at work, yall), I created several animated GIF files. Also, you will probably find this post more meaningful/authentic if you pump some Girl Talk while you read, srsly.

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