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Seattle from Kerry Park

by on Sep.17, 2009, under Night Photography, Queen Anne, Seattle, Vistas

Seattle from Kerry Park (72 DPI)Flickr | Large

Kerry Park features one of the most iconic views of Seattle. Nestled several hundred feet up Queen Anne hill, the tiny plot of land features a sweeping vista of downtown Seattle, Elliot Bay, West Seattle, and Mount Rainier. On any given gorgeous night, photographers, tripods and enough camera gear to make Ken Rockwell blush line the fence at Kerry Park. Although this was my second expedition at this photog hot spot, it was my first foray into creating a commissioned image.

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Twenty Five Views of Explosions in the Sky

by on Jul.05, 2009, under Night Photography, Queen Anne, Seattle, Vistas

Gasworks Fireworks

After a day of grilling, margarita making and half-drunk musical pursuits; I ended up at a Fourth of July Party in Queen Anne. Despite having had my fair share of Hornitos (via Sharat), I remembered to bring my camera and tripod. Fellow photog Rich Schwandt and I perched ourselves on a second story balcony overlooking Lake Union and opened fire on the Seattle sky.
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“Get yo’ wig split”

by on Aug.02, 2008, under Ballard, Seattle

I have never known an individual as dedicated to complete nonsense as Alex Chu. “Obnoxious” is a term frequently deployed by Alex to describe the scenery around him; although his use of it is rather ironic. Forever on the cutting edge, Alex was among the early adopters of the iPhone. For a brief period of time, every email Alex sent from this device contained a signature block that read: “Sent from Alex Chu’s obnoxious iPhone.” Well said.

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Smoke Flowers: Fourth of July at Gas Works

by on Jul.05, 2008, under Night Photography, Seattle, Vistas, Wallingford

Gas Works Park. Seattle, WA. July 4th, 2008.
Nikon D300. Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens @ 11mm.
Manual. 6.9 sec @ f/7.1. ISO 200.

Like everywhere else in the world, yesterday was the 4th of July in Seattle, Washington. To celebrate the birthday of the greatest nation known to God; Jon, The Intern and I staged a party. Friends and coworkers descended on 4411 Bagley for one last gathering before we move out of the legendary pad in August (turns out a lease is only a lease, just ask the British about Hong Kong). The party also served as a sendoff for Jon as he prepares to move to Chicago next week. Forever new frontiers, right Jonny?

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by on May.07, 2008, under Night Photography, Seattle, Vistas

I-90 Bridge. Mercer Island, WA. May 5, 2008. 8:24 PM.
Nikon D300. Nikon 18-200mm VR lens @ 27mm.
Program Exposure. 1/15 sec. @ f/4. ISO 200.
Lee 0.9 ND Grad filter.

On Monday night Julie and I took to the streets of Seattle hoping to catch a cool sunset. What we found were lots of clouds—apparently 36 hours of pleasant weather is all Seattle can handle in May. Nevertheless, at hour 37 Julie and I drove to Mercer Island and setup on the I-90 bridge. I recorded the image above minutes before sunset. I used a Lee 0.9 neutral density graduated filter in a Cokin “P” series mount to capture the sky. The 0.9 ND grad has a range of about three stops which allows the camera to see both the sky (bright) and a darker foreground.

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Discovery Park

by on Apr.18, 2008, under Ballard, Seattle, Sunsets, Vistas

Discovery Park. Seattle, WA. April 11, 2008. 7:40 PM.
Nikon D300. Nikon 18-200mm lens @ 18mm.
1/160 sec. @ f/7.1. ISO 200.
Last week Friday Jon and I drove over to Magnolia to photograph Discovery Park. It is hard not to notice Discovery Park when looking at a map of Seattle; it’s a big chunk of green on the western edge of the city. Fort Lawton, an old army outpost, is also located in there.

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Dr. Jose Rizal Park

by on Apr.14, 2008, under Night Photography, Puget Sound, Seattle, Vistas

Jose Rizal Park. Seattle, WA. March 23, 2008. 8:19 PM.
Nikon D40. Nikon 18-200mm VR lens. @ 34mm.
25 sec. @ f/16. ISO 200.

Late last month I decided that I wanted to photograph Seattle from the south. Since I live in a neighborhood north of downtown, I usually shoot cityscapes from Queen Anne, Ballard, Fremont or out my window in Wallingford. What I have not found in these northern boroughs is a view of the city that incorporates I-5. The hills south of the downtown offer vantage points of the skyline and the juggernaut of an interstate that bisects the city.

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