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Steven Cole Salon

by on Oct.29, 2010, under Portrait, Seattle, Technical

SCS - Branded Group Composite

All they wanted was a simple group photo. Desiree, a good friend and stylist extraordinaire, sent me a message on Facebook asking if I would take a shot of the folks that work at her place of business, Steven Cole Salon (an upscale salon in Seattle’s hip Greenwood neighborhood). This was April of 2009. I immediately responded saying I’d love to do the shoot, but things were slow to take off. Several months passed and I discovered the likes of David Hobby (the Strobist), Zack Arias and I even met Chase Jarvis. The influence of these photographers lead me to radically change my approach to lighting and portrait photography. By the time we scheduled a shoot for Steven Cole Salon in September of 2009, I was fully immersed in off camera flash, watt seconds and soft boxes. The simple group photo was now going to be the culmination of hours of blog reading—it was, in no short order, going to be an Andy Aupperlee Explosion 5000 Production.
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Tennis Hoes & Golf Pros

by on Jul.03, 2009, under Belltown, Nightlife, Party, Seattle


It’s birdie time! Last weekend we had more than just the mojo working when the Explosion 5000 met a college tradition: Tennis Hoes & Golf Pros. A familiar cast of characters, clad in their country club finest, descended on Seattle’s Belltown and proceeded to paint the town plaid.

Warning: Images of Superfisky in women’s tennis clothing follow. Also, this post contains photographs of original artwork by Superfisky, which might make your boss question what exactly you’re looking at on the internet.

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Bar Crawl Birthday

by on Mar.31, 2009, under Nightlife, Party, Seattle, U-District

The District Lounge

The night kicked off at the District Lounge in the Hotel Deca. I know what you’re thinking… a little classy for this group. We are talking about the same collection of people who demolish boots of beer, turn quiet mountain cabins into dance parties and carelessly jump off giant logs in unison. Everyone was on their best behavior, although this quickly changed as the night progressed.
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Kay Kay at The Crocodile

by on Mar.28, 2009, under Belltown, Music, Nightlife, Party, Seattle

Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground at the Crocodile

Last night Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground played the recently re-opened Crocodile in Seattle. Croc 2.0 is gorgeous. The back bar is huge and well staffed; it didn’t take long to get a PBR. All the fixtures and finishes, from the balcony to the men’s room, are first class. The new, wide stage also suited Kay Kay’s large ensemble perfectly.
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Cabin Fever

by on Mar.03, 2009, under Events, Nightlife, Party, Washington State

Hey there, Bear
Cabin fever is serious. As we shiver through the early days of March, please be careful to diagnose and treat any symptoms related to this ailment. Since the Andy Aupperlee “explosion” (that’s what we’re calling my S&F), this blog has gotten uber serious about medical issues. The best form of treatment is prevention, and that’s why I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to this subject. Also, all ad revenues from this post will be donated to the Society for the Advancement of Cabin Fever Knowledge (SACK).

The following is a case study of a group of 20 somethings from Seattle, Washington as they battle cabin fever near Mount Baker. (continue reading…)

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Fleet Foxes Come Home

by on Oct.22, 2008, under Music, Seattle

Fleet FoxesThe Fleet Foxes @ The Moore Theatre. Seattle, Washington.
October 19, 2008.

On Sunday night the Fleet Foxes played a homecoming concert at The Moore Theatre in Seattle. Their MySpace page had this date on the tour listed as “The Moore (scared).” The five scraggly members of the Fleet Foxes had little to fear; all 1400 or so seats seemed to be filled with friends and family. Lead singer Robin Pecknold even announced that all his elementary school teachers were in attendance. Although not as ambitious as Justice trying to play the Garden, expecting the humble Fleet Foxes to fill a venue like The Moore is no modest feat. The fact that the box office had a “SOLD OUT” sign plastered on its window Sunday night is a testament to the love Seattle has for these guys. The flawless, seventy-five minute set that ensued did more than entertain; it transformed the vast Moore into a cozy, intimate room. There might have been 1399 other people at the show, but it felt like it was just me and a few dudes with beards playing guitar and singing. (continue reading…)

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