Terms of Use

Thanks for checking out my photography! I am stoked you’ve found your way to the Explosion. People often ask if they can license, use or link to pictures on the website. While I’m always honored that someone digs a photo enough to use it, I’ve laid out a few basic rules to keep things fair for everyone.

All images contained on www.explosion5000.com and www.flickr.com/photos/andy_aupperlee/ are the sole property of Andy Aupperlee, who maintains all rights to their use and reproduction.

Please refer to the following guidelines before using an image. In every case, I reserve the right to ask that you discontinue use of an image. If anything is unclear, please feel free to email me at andy@explosion5000.com.


Use on Social Media websites: Please feel free to post any image to your personal Facebook profile or MySpace. I kindly ask that you include the credit “Photo by Andy Aupperlee” with a link back to www.explosion5000.com in the image caption or comments. When possible, I ask that you embed using html with a link back to www.explosion5000.com.

Use on LinkedIn or Facebook Pages promoting a business: Please contact me prior to using an image.

Use on personal blogs or websites: If your blog is personal and does not promote a business interest or carry advertisements, please feel free to embed any image. I only request that you give credit as “Photo by Andy Aupperlee” and link back to www.explosion5000.com.

Use on blogs that promote a business or carry advertisements: If you write a blog to support a business or write a blog with advertising, please contact me before making any use of my images.

Online magazines and newspapers: Unless otherwise consented to by me (i.e. via Flickr group), please seek permission from me before using any image.

Commercial, advertising, or business use: I love licensing images for stock. Please contact to arrange a licensing agreement.

Prints: On request, I will gladly help you obtain a print of any of my images. Do not make any prints on any type of media without first seeking consent from me.

Still not sure? Ask my anything you like via email or phone.

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