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New Deal Redux

by on Mar.09, 2009, under Places, Sunsets, Vistas, Washington DC

Sunset Walk

I snapped this photo on an exceptionally warm day for early March. Temperatures in Washington DC climbed into the high 70s and hints of the coming summer humidity permeated the balmy swamp that is our Nation’s capital. Scott Zaleski, who was visiting from Chicago, and I had been wandering around the FDR memorial. I eventually ended up on the bank of the Tidal Basin. The setting sun cast a warm light on the Washington and Jefferson memorials. When I looked west towards the Potomac, I noticed that passersby were pleasantly silhouetted against the golden sky. I creeped out, zoomed my lens to 200mm and grabbed a few shots of people as they walked (or biked) by the sunset.

Presidential Finger

This is a picture of a statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Scott pointed out how the end of his finger was worn down and shiny from visitors touching it. I screwed on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 and got about as close as I’ll ever likely get to a “sitting” President.

FDR Depression

Being at the FDR memorial seemed rather ominous considering the current economic situation facing our nation. The walls of the memorial are etched with famous quotations and evidence of the institutions he founded. While the argument can be made that World War II was ultimately the stimulus that ended the Great Depression, one wonders how successful our current leadership will ultimately be. Even better though, I was touring a monument to one of our most socialist presidents with a captain of the free market system, Mr. Scott “grain trader” Zaleski. His musings on parallels between FDR and fellow-Chicagoan Barack Obama were certainly thoughtful, if not mildly entertaining.

Scott was also verbally composing a list of “people you can’t trust” based on certain stereotypes. Chief on this list is “guys with two first names, like Adam Charles.” He was also working on a theory about people who wear New Balances and ties. Look for more on this soon.

District Moon

The moon prominently hung in the sky all afternoon. This picture is a tribute to one of my dad’s best shots in recent years.

Little Yapper

Should I just forget historical/nature/landscape/party pix/creeper photography and start a Dog Blog? Do you think a dawg blawg could act as a stimulus plan for The Andy Aupperlee Explosion 5000? If this website doesn’t make any money, is it contributing to our shitty economy?

Anyway, this little yapper was spazzing out near the canal in Georgetown. He had a little friend with him that was dressed equally as ridiculous.

Check out these photos and a few more in a slideshow. Your boss probably won’t walk by for a few minutes… so why not go fullscreen?

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